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Gordon: Glory or Gonner? September 23, 2008

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So, it’s the night before the big speech, but if the press are to be believed, Gordon’s speech was written months ago and nothing is going to change it. Funny then, to bump into a senior Minister in the bar tonight, who was on the hunt for one of the speech-writing team…. Seems that some third party endorsement had been recieved from a certain South African former elder-statesman, and the writing team were keen to include it.

So, if the speech contains reference to what the UK has done for Africa under a Labour administration we know it was subbed tonight. If not, well, maybe they just missed eachother in the madness of the Malvern bar…

Gordon knows he has a lot to do tomorrow – he needs to impress the party faithful, bruised and battered as they are by the recent events; needs to reassure the parliamentary party that their seats are safe with him. More than that, he needs to convince the cynical media that he has what it takes…and that is a challenge.

I hope he’s sleeping well tonight, because tomorrow he earns the right to stay in the job, or start packing… lets see what the media judgement is….

By Claire Levens


1. Peter Bowler - September 29, 2008

Immediate responses to his speech were favourable and positive. Subsequent polls also suggest that the speech made an impact; not least in closing down the gap with the Tory party. Effective speeches give the speaker some time and opportunity to subsequently prove themselves. Gordon now has some more time.
Time to Market

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