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It’s not easy being green March 25, 2009

Posted by letitiahughes in environment.

I belong to a green office, by that I mean we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint through focusing on our resource efficiency, waste management and environmental purchasing.  It works well in the office as we are all about the little things that we can do, creating simple opportunities for people to change their behaviour in a way that is beneficial for the environment.

For example, we are committed to multi material recycling – recycling all paper, cardboard, cans, plastic bottles, batteries and glass, and we are always exploring new reprocessing avenues for anything that we cannot currently recycle. We are also committed to developing ‘best practice’ in all green printing, and encouraging all employees to save electricity wherever they can.


As part of the Green Team within our office, I participated in an interesting event recently at Richmond Council, looking at how local companies can ‘green’ their activities, both in terms of their own offices and their products and services. I shared stories of what we are already doing, and got some good ideas of what more we could be doing.


Good tips included the freebie green posters to decorate the office, which are available on Carbon Trust  – our office are now using these. The usefulness of real time metering, allowing staff to interact with their own energy use in the office, was also highlighted. Longer term, it was suggested that green responsibility should be included in job descriptions.

We are always looking to ensure that we are a sustainable office and I will keep you updated on any further green activities.


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