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Sustainability Live 09 May 21, 2009

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Well, has been a hectic few days at the Sustainability Live Show in Birmingham. The show was busy, but interestingly there were still a lot of empty spaces where additional stands could be. In fact, some of the people I spoke to said that the show seemed more empty this year (although this is a common observation at shows given the pessimistic British attitude!) Still, if it is the case that is quite unexpected – given the big sustainability push in Government this year, with the focus on carbon budgets.

Nevertheless, there were a lot of really cool organisations there  – from wind energy and solar companies to cool new biotechnologies for waste and water treatment, so all in all a good show. And some really interesting seminars too.

One thing I would say though – it was a little disappointing that for a sustainability show the number of cars that drove there. I am not judging because we were one of those offenders. I suppose it just shows how much further there is to go….


1. Andrew Smith @onedegree - May 21, 2009

Is a shame not all the stands were filled. I always think if there are empty stands, somehow it detracts from the atmosphere…

Though there is a lot of attention on carbon budgets this year, I still fear that large amounts of the british general public arent behind environmental issues, mainly due to how they have been handled by the government and peoples attitudes to anything that may be taxed…Also, though vast improvements have been made in investment in these areas, they really aren’t that great and innovative companies that are looking to develop sustainable energy i feel dont get the support they need from government, the media and us, the general public…We really should be helping them to bring their ideas on line and powering the national grid etc..

Finally, the car really should be one of the targets for becoming greener. I am dissapointed that in this area, there doesnt seem to be that greater push. I fear oil companies, threats of job losses etc in this sector stunt real progress here….Maybe encouragement in sport and F1 for example to go green is needed….not sure…

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